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Integrated partnership dedicated to get organized against trafficking

The Pivot program in a few words

These training sessions are part of a new collaboration between the Beacon of the Freed and the CISSS of the Laurentians, which gives life to the Regional Table against trafficking for sexual exploitation. Indeed, in addition to being the instigators of this new initiative, we are giving training sessions throughout the region.

These trainings are aimed at all those who are likely to be in contact with victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in the Laurentians region, who have been identified as pivotal points for the system that is put in place in the region.


Already more than 80 people trained!

Join our ranks!

The mandate of a Pivot


training related to prevention and intervention in human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Promote and participate

in the adoption of a common language around the issue.

Keep informed and aware

of the evolution of the phenomenon of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation in all its forms (recruitment, language, etc.).


relevant information that may help to better know and understand the situation of the phenomenon in its respective environment.


the various management bodies of its organization of the situations encountered and the risks incurred by customers.

Contribute to informing, animating and raising awareness

the community about prevention, recognition and intervention in matters of human  trafficking for sexual exploitation.


the necessary information and collaborate with the various partners concerned who are able to provide a safety net for the person and their family struggling with a situation of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation.


as a resource person for other workers and managers who ask for help and direct them to the appropriate resources, if necessary.


in various training and information activities enabling him/her to maintain and develop his/her knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in relation to his/her role as a pivotal worker.

Program objectives

The objectives of this two-day training are to:


the main concepts surrounding human trafficking and its different forms in order to better understand the social and legal context surrounding the issue at the national, provincial and regional level.


To identify

certain risk factors for victimization.


To identify

the main dynamics and motivations that can be found in the recruitment of victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.


To better understand

the different contexts in which sexual exploitation can take place.

To identify

certain differences between the realities of girls and boys in the context of exploitation.


To recognize

certain flags that may indicate risky situations both for victims and for those who recruit.


To better identify

the different aspects that can influence the approach to be recommended in intervention.


To develop

certain reflexes and strategies to be put in place in the context of interventions.

Testimonials from participants

“A big thank you for the training, very useful in our work. All people at risk of being involved in sexual exploitation networks should take this training. Well done for your work! ”

“Thank you for the training, very interesting content, beautiful, well-assembled binder that we will be able to use in the future, both with our colleagues and to consult in case of doubt.”

“Well done for everything, dynamic presentation!”

Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec

This training is eligible for the recognition of 12 hours of formal professional development activity by the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec.

Ordre professionnel des criminologues du Québec

Training for which eligibility has been confirmed by the Professional Order of Criminologists of Quebec for the purposes of mandatory continuing education, for a period of 12 hours.

CISSS des Laurentides
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