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For survivors

  Side by side services are:

  • adapted ;

  • without judgement ;

  • safe ;

To find them:


  • an online resource directory is available to you

The use of the platform is;


  • confidential

For partners

Side-by-side is a web platform that brings together various services adapted to the issue of human trafficking. The goal is to bridge the gap between the needs of trafficking survivors and the services you can offer. Your participation involves :

  • to take our free training courses ;

  • be part of a directory of carefully selected resources ;

  • to be part of a community of practice ;

  • have access to tools after the trainings.


Raising awareness and mobilizing businesses to address human trafficking.

Greater collaboration and coordination between the community, institutional and private sectors.

Improving the service offer in response to needs

The Side-by-side program in a few words

Starting from an important need for a variety of services adapted to the realities of individuals affected by human trafficking and thanks to funding from Women and Gender Equality Canada, we are developing a web platform, an innovative solution that will allow community and corporate sectors to take part in the action against human trafficking by contributing to the diversification of the service offer.

This project aims to improve the living conditions and empowerment of people who are victims of trafficking, in all its forms, or living as a result of the exchange of sexual services. To do this, Side-by-side calls on the private sector which, through its human, material and specialized resources, can become an ally in improving the service offering. 

Analysis of needs, services and gaps

An analysis of needs, services and gaps was carried out with organizations working with victims of human trafficking or people active in the sex industries, in order to clearly identify the issues and priorities for action related to the creation of the platform.


Allied companies will have been made aware beforehand and will have access to training in person or by videoconference. It is mainly through these concrete actions that services will be more adapted and that corporate circles will have a more sensitive approach to the traumas of survivors and to the complex reality of people who are victims of trafficking, in all its forms.

A FREE program

No experience is necessary.

No drastic changes to your activities or schedule.

Your rates for the services offered are at your discretion; however, free or lower cost services promote accessibility.

You will have access to:

A training program on human trafficking, adapted to your environment.

Concrete examples of good practice.

Tailor-made support.

Do you want to offer your services on the Side-by-side platform?

Do you want to get involved or get more information?

L'Écluse des Laurentides, travail de rue
Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation du Québec
Projet intervention prostitution Québec

Lovasoa Ramboarisata 


Département de stratégie, responsabilité

sociale et environnementale

Regroupement pour la concertation des personnes handicapées des Laurentides
Sûreté du Québec police
FTQ, Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec
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