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Individual intervention

Accompagnement, Intervention Directe en Exploitation

The A.I.D.E program includes individual follow-ups and support groups.

The current page is about individual intervention.


Our individual follow-ups are offered in French or English to people living with the consequences of a situation of exploitation or the exchange of sexual services. The follow-ups are personalized according to the needs of the person. The caregiver and the person in follow-up will work together to achieve the established objectives. No fees are required for this service.


Individual follow-ups essentially consist of accompanying the person in the face of the challenges and difficulties they are currently experiencing by providing help and support.

Here are some themes that could be worked on during a follow-up:


  • Elements that contributed to the exploitation situation;

  • Development of protective factors to prevent further exploitation;

  • Achieving healthy and equal relationships (love, family or friends);

  • Managing emotions;

  • Self esteem;

  • Self-assertion; and so on.

Meetings duration and frequency will be determined with the worker according to the needs and availability of the person. Participants must be 14 years old and over, some exceptions are possible following an evaluation. 

Services are offered in the greater Laurentians region and can also be offered by videoconference, if needed, some exceptions are possible following an evaluation. 

To participate or obtain more information:

You can contact us either by phone at 450 990 9595 ext. 104 or by completing the registration form. The english version is available in the right corner of the page.

Statement of services including complaints process

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