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Support groups


Accompagnement, Intervention Directe en Exploitation

The A.I.D.E program includes individual follow-ups and support groups.

The current page is about support groups.


We have set up a program specifically designed for women experiencing the consequences of sexual exploitation or the exchange of sexual services. The program runs for 9 consecutive weeks in Saint-Jérôme and is offered in French by two counselors. There is no fee to participate. Participants must be 16 years of age and over.  

Here are the themes that will be will be covered during the program:

  • Session 1: The change process;  

  • Session 2: Emotions and needs;  

  • Session 3: Communication; 

  • Session 4: Self esteem;  

  • Session 5: Self esteem (continued);  

  • Session 6: Healthy and unhealthy relationships; 

  • Session 7: Sexuality; 

  • Session 8: Sexuality (continued); 

  • Session 9: Program review.

It is important for us to provide a friendly environment where openness and exchanges will be encouraged. Confidentiality is essential for us.

Please note that the program starts when the group is full (maximum 8 participants). It is possible to do individual follow-ups while waiting for the start of the program.

To participate or obtain more information:

You can contact us either by phone at 450 990 9595 ext. 104 or by completing the registration form. The english version is available in the right corner of the page.

Statement of services including complaints process
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