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Awareness and training


The PIVOT program : designed for anyone working in the Laurentians region and likely to be in contact with victims of sexual exploitation.


Tailor-made training for your environment or organization also available.

  • Community organizations

  • Health and social services

  • Tourism companies

  • Private sector

  • Prisons

  • School environments

Tailor-made awareness workshops

We sincerely believe that a fairer society comes through education and awareness, regardless of age.

This is why it is our pleasure to offer you awareness workshops that meet your expectations and are adapted to the needs of your clientele or employees.

An interactive photo exhibition

Dévoilons l'invisible campagne de sensibilisation contre la traite de personnes du Phare des Affranchies.

Unveil the Invisible is the title of a traveling exhibition that you can host in your organization. This awareness tool sheds light on several forms of human trafficking and exploitation by directly engaging the visitor who must manipulate each concept to discover the hidden face of seemingly innocuous realities.

The exhibition is also available in digital version.

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