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A FREE program dedicated to the tourism sector to do no harm in matters of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation

The Glow program in a few words 

The Glow program is aimed at countering human trafficking for sexual exploitation, a problem that can occur in tourist accommodation establishments and in transportation companies. The program was designed for various tourism and transportation industry sectors, in collaboration with specialists in these sectors. Innovative elements were developed to equip them to act without harm.

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Benefits for participants

Stand out

as an innovative company in the industry.


the social safety net in relation to human trafficking for sexual exploitation.


from personalized support when needed.

Take advantage

of a recognition program.

Program objectives


participants in their role in prevention / screening and intervention / referral.

Support and assist

participants throughout the process.

Use the frequent contact

they have with victims and clients.

Enable them to take the necessary steps

to avoid being linked to trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Ensure the safety

of their environment and clients.

The Glow program provides access to


to help your human resources prevent, detect, intervene and refer to the right resources.

Lists of good practices

carried out in certain circles to inspire you.


that can be incorporated into your business practices.

Adaptable internal

policy models.


with informative content for your customers and staff.

Testimonials from participants

Appreciation rate : 92.5 %

“An area that I knew very little about ... seeing only on the surface. This shows the importance of an issue that is not well known. "

“The visual aid is very practical and useful both for current training and as a reminder in the future. "

"The training is clear and concise, the problem is well presented."

“[The training makes it possible to] demystify this taboo subject in order to train the next generation. "

Glow in detail: the online information session!
To contact us or for more information on Glow

To participate in the Lueur training

or simply have more information,

Do not hesitate to write to us :

Our partners on the Glow program

MTL, bureau taxi Montréal
Fédération des transporteurs par autobus
CIDS, Centre d'intervention en délinquance sexuelle


Secrétariat à la condition féminine du gouvernement du Québec
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