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Past achievements


5 days of art for our 5th anniversary

In October 2020, the Beacon of the Freed celebrated its 5th anniversary. For the occasion, and given the current sanitary measures due to COVID-19, a virtual format was developed. Five artists from five very different spheres generously agreed to each produce an artwork for this event.

This activity aimed not only to mark the 5th anniversary of the Beacon of the Freed in an original and creative way, but also to educate the general public through an approach that appeals to people in an artistic and expressive way.

5 days of art for the 5th anniversary


12 days campaign

12 days of action against violence against women. As part of the 12 days of action against violence towards women  that took place from November 25 to December 6 of 2018, we highlighted the different forms of violence experienced by women and girls victim of human trafficking. Every day, a new quote with a call for action was unveiled.

Specific content for each vignette  was available to learn more on external sites.


Buying sex is not a game

Check out the video

The video has gained a lot of visibility with over 132,000 views on Facebook and YouTube!

It was made possible thanks to the support of Luminance Studio and the Secrétariat à la Condition Féminine.

Thanks to everyone who watched and shared our video! Your actions are greatly appreciated and we hope you will continue to follow us.

Check out our comic book

You've seen our "Buying sex is not a game" video, now take a look at its complementary comic!

We invite our partners to use the material as part of their actions, but please note that the content is not suitable for young people and is aimed at an audience of 18 years and over.

Click on the bottom of the image to have access to the comic in large format.


Buying sex is not a sport

In 2016, on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, the "Buying sex is not a sport" campaign had a massive public display for several weeks on the island of Montreal and its surroundings:

- 25 roadside billboards;

- 40 bus backboards

- 56 metro stations;

- Illuminated advertising trucks (during the Grand Prix festivities).

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